Learn to speak Thai : Directions and Transport

by Ashish Patel on May 9, 2013

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Welcome back again. Today we will learn how to speak Thai and ask for directions and use local transport. I will try to write all the basic Thai phrases to help you learn Thai. Talk to taxi driver, buy a ticket at train station or bus are some of the daily used phrases we must practice in Thai language. Please read my previous lessons for introduction and learn numbers with audio. I hope you already enjoying learning Thai with me. so Lets begin.

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Learning to speak Thai : Directions and Transport

  • A one way ticket to …. = Kor doo a tee o dee o bai … (for example, a one way ticket to Bangkok, say “kor doo a tee o dee o bai Bangkok”)
  • Boat = Rua
  • Bus = Rot tam-ma-dah
  • Doest it stop at ….? = Rot jort tee …. mai? (for example; does it stop at ramkhamhaeng? say “Rot jort tee ramkhamhaeng mai?)
  • Entrance = Tahng kow
  • Exit = Tahng ork
  • I’m looking for …. = Pom/ di-chan dorng gahn…. (male/female)
  • Is this seat free? = Kor toht khrab/kha tee nang nee wahng mai? (male/female)
  • Please put the meter on = Kor beut mi-deu dooay.
  • Please stop here = Kor hai chah long.
  • Please take me to …. = Kor pah bai …. (an examplep; Please take me to Bang na. say “Kor pah bai Bang na”)
  • Taxi = Rot taxi
  • Ticket = Tua
  • Train = Rot fai
  • Where is it? = Yoo trong nai?
  • Where is the toilet? = Horng nam yoo tee nai?
  • Which way to ….? = Pai yang rai ….?

Next time, you visit Thailand or use a public transportation. Try to speak these Thai phrases. I will create some audio guides for these phrases soon. stay tuned. subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already and I’ll update you soon. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and what you have learnt speaking Thai in Thailand.

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